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Species distribution modeling,
calibration and evaluation,
ensemble modeling



  • Stable version v from cran :
install.packages("biomod2", dependencies = TRUE)

devtools::install_github("biomodhub/biomod2", dependencies = TRUE)

biomod 4.2-5 - Modeling options & Tuning Update

! biomod2 4.2-5 is now available on CRAN !

/!\ Please feel free to indicate if you notice some strange new behaviors !

What is changed ?

  • modeling options are now automatically retrieved from single models functions, normally allowing the use of all arguments taken into account by these functions
  • tuning has been cleaned up, but keep in mind that it is still a quite long running process
  • in consequence, BIOMOD_ModelingOptions and BIOMOD_Tuning functions become secundary functions (bm_ModelingOptions and bm_Tuning), and modeling options can be directly built through BIOMOD_Modeling function

What is new ?

  • ModelsTable and OptionsBigboss datasets (note that improvement of bigboss modeling options is planned in near future)
  • 3 new vignettes have been created :

Main workflow

biomod 4.2 - Terra Update

What is changed ?

  • biomod2 now relies on the new terra package that aims at replacing rasterand sp.
  • biomod2 is still compatible with old format such as RasterStackand SpatialPointsDataFrame.
  • biomod2 function will sometimes return SpatRaster from package terra that you can always convert into RasterStack using function stack in raster.

biomod 4.1 is now available

/!\ Package fresh start… meaning some changes in function names and parameters. We apologize for the trouble >{o.o}<
Sorry for the inconvenience, and please feel free to indicate if you notice some strange new behaviors !

What is changed ?

  • all code functions have been cleaned, and old / unused functions have been removed
  • function names have been standardized (BIOMOD_ for main functions, bm_ for secundary functions)
  • parameter names have been standardized (same typo, same names for similar parameters across functions)
  • all documentation and examples have been cleaned up

What is new ?

  • plot functions have been re-written with ggplot2
  • biomod2 website has been created, with proper roxygen2 documentation and help vignettes

But… why ?

  • For every minute spent on organizing, an hour is earned.” — Benjamin Franklin
    • better documentation, better formation, better help provided
    • new improvements to come (update of single models, implementation of abundance models, etc)